Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Barakat - Jallab

Picked up this drink from Spinneys the other day. It was my first time to taste this, but the ingredient list made it sound tasty (dates, raisins, pine nuts and rose - What's not to like?

Really enjoyed the drink, now looking for recipes which seem hard to come by.

The taste was akin to a nicer Roohafza (the ubiquitious instant "soft drink" served in Indian homes before Rasna's packets (powder and liquid in ighly concentrated colors) were widely available. Needless to say this was way before Coke and Pepsi gained a foothold in India.

The pine nuts floating on top gave a wonderful contrasting crunchy texture to the drink.

I've read online that any nuts ranging from pistachios to almonds to cashews can be used in a jallab, but I think I prefer the taste of pine nuts with this drink.

I hope it will still be available even after Ramadan (didn't see it before)