Monday, March 14, 2011

Unusual Experiences in Dubai

Desert Safaris
There are multiple companies offering this in Dubai and you will need to shop around for one that will suit you best. You can look forward to dune driving, sand skiing, camel riding, exploring wadis (dry river beds) and a Bedouin village sojourn ending in a feast in the middle of the desert.

Creek Tours
Creek tours along the Dubai creek are a wonderful way to see and contrast old and new Dubai along its banks. Abras are the local taxis and you can catch the one the locals use for 2dhs to cross the creek or you can opt for the evening cruises which include dinner aboard a dhow.

Helicopter Tour
There are a couple of companies which specialize in helicopter rides above Dubai. Most tour agencies have tie-ups with one of these companies and can book a trip for you.

Balloon Ride
Early morning hot air balloon rides offer a different way of viewing Dubai's skyline, the Hajar Mountains and giant sand dunes.

Big Bus Tour
Big Bus tours operate in Dubai too and offer both a day and night tour. The day tour mostly covers shopping malls, but does have guided walking tours in the historical districts. The night tour is a once round, 2 hour trip.

Wonder Bus Tour
Wonder Bus Tours uses amphibious vehicles that can move on road and in water. The tour is a 1.5 hour ride around town, but does not have the hop on, hop off facility of the Big Bus Day tours.

Camel Racing
Races take place on Thursdays and Fridays in winter. The race track is on the outskirts of the city and a traditional market comes up overnight and is dismantled when the races are over.

Horse Racing
Nad al Sheba is the country's largest racing track with races held during the cooler months. Gambling is prohibited but there are plenty of free raffles that are very popular for their generous prizes.

Bird Watching
Khor Dubai is the largest bird sanctuary in Dubai and is home to over 400 species and upto 15,000 birds in the winter season. The Mud flats – a tidal wetland – is a resting spot for thousands of flamingos, herons, ducks and shorebirds during their annual migration.

Special permissions are required to visit and it is best to contact a company that specialises in bird watching tours.

Birds of Prey Show
The Birds of Prey show features trained falcons, owls and vultures. The kids will love this one.


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Hey, I am in Dubai and I tried all that you mentioned. Thanks it was of great help. However, not to forget I even tried a hot air balloon ride with an agency name Sindbad Gulf Balloons, it was the best experience to have it in Dubai. I suggest to have a go.